State Fair

May 13, 2009
by Lee

So I have to tell you, my friend Dave has to be excited about the Illinois State Fair this year. One of his favorite groups will be performing. If you have not gotten your tickets to this show, you need to get on this right away. The Bengals will performing this year, and I know Dave will make the journey from Indy to Central Illinois for that one. Get on board before it is too light, because it will be just another Manic Monday after the 500 race day when I am crowned the Champ!

Been busy is all I can say. I would have like to have updated my blog for a couple of days ago, but work has gotten in the way of that. It happens to the best of us, but rest assured that I am still preparing for the match. I have never felt better about my chances to pull this one off. While Dave gets the upper hand on consumption over last weekend and this upcoming weekend, I still like my chances. I can hang with the big dogs, and do not see any concerns in that realm.

Dave has also let me in on a secret. The secret is that he plans on bringing a secret weapon with him to the match. He will not tell me what the secret weapon is, but I am sure his Malibu Barbie Doll will bring him good luck no matter what. I just hope there are not some burly dudes next to us that wonder about that sort of thing is about.

I have heard through some channels that Chris and Jenny will not be joining us this year for the festivities. That is too bad, I was looking forward to finally meeting Mrs. Roe. I really feel bad for his cell phone, more particularly his voice mail. We like to leave messages for those who make commitments and then do not follow through on them. We love you Chris, but you have to pay the piper.

We are just about a week away from me heading up to Indy. David, be ready my friend. As stated in the email blog, the Pain Train is coming. I know you are ready. It will be epic!

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