Shock and disbelief

April 28, 2009
by Lee

Shock and disbelief is all that I can do to explain it. The world has lost one of its best actresses. I fell to my news when I heard the news over the weekend that Bea Arthur had passed away. You just watch one episode of the Golden Girls and you immediately gain an understanding of why it is the greatest sitcom ever made. Nothing will ever rival her on screen performances on the show. How to move forward has been hard.

I know Dave has been putting in a lot of training hours as we prepare for the Month of May Battle. This loss has put me a few steps behind in preparing for the weekend, but I have made the decision to move forward from here and on. Bea would want me to go out and absolutely destroy David on the court. I have been shut down for two straight tournaments. I have not tasted victory in over a year in a half. That is all about to end come later in May. Just as Tony Stewart gives his all each week, Sarah Fisher gives her all each week, and with the fondest memories of Bea Arthur, I will not be denied my first Indy 500 Corn Hole title, and second championship overall. I am doing it all for Bea, because she was a dancing queen!

Just like every episode of Full House has a life lesson to be learned, I have taken this situation as a learning experience. I will move forward and be the best that I can be. Get ready Dave, do what you need to do to prepare, but know that it will not be enough for you to hang onto what is rightfully mine.

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